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These comparative and superlative adjectives worksheets are for students at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The comparative and superlative adjectives test checks your understanding of when to use each. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives below. Comparison comparative and superlative adjectives to describe feelings mood tone. English grammar lesson online for elementary level students an explanation of comparative and superlative adjectives with audio explanation and printable exercises.

Adjectives in the english language are describing words, and when one is comparing three objects, they use either superlative or comparative adjectives. Our comparative and superlative adjectives worksheets are free to download and easy to access in pdf format. These very common adjectives have completely irregular comparative and superlative forms. This could be used as practice or as an assessment. Fill in the blanks with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in parentheses. Online exercises english grammar and courses free tutorial comparison of adjectives. We never change the spelling of the adjective before adding er est. A1 coursebook materialien zu unseren lehrwerken erwachsenenbildung unit 9 autorin. These adjectives form the superlative either by adding est or by preceeding the adjective with most. Click on the letter of your answer correct x wrong. Basic 03 50 kg heavier dangerous more dangerous short words 1 syllable er long words 2, 3, 4 syllables more old older slow slower warm warmer tall taller.

Complete the sentences using a comparative or superlative. Adjectives with one syllable usually if an adjective has only one syllable, we add er to make. Choose the correct option for these comparative and superlative adjectives. Grammar test comparatives and superlatives do the test then write down your score. The comparative form we use the comparative form of the adjective to compare two things. To print the lesson on the list of comparative superlative and adjectives from a to z.

The students then go on to do a comparison activity. English language arts, grammar, other ela 3rd, 4th, 5th, homeschool. Intro to the comparative and the superlative video. Then do these exercises to check your understanding of comparative and superlative adjectives. Put the adjectives in the correct form comparative, superlative. We use comparative adjectives to compare two or more things. Because the comparative is the same thing as saying more.

The quality may differ depending on grade, which may be greater or lesser. Comparative and superlative adjectives multiple choice test. In the uk, the streets are generally narrower than the streets in the usa. Adjectives with two syllables can form the comparative either by adding er or by preceeding the adjective with more. This worksheet asks students to practice turning adjectives into comparative and. You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at. Six exercises for practicing comparative and superlative degrees. Comparatives and superlatives printable worksheets.

Print the l ist of comparative superlative and adjectives from a to z. Comparison of adjectives with free online exercises, examples and sentences. A worksheet to practice comparative and superlative adjectives. I think english homework is the easiest than history homework. Printable and online adjectives adverbs comparative superlative quizzes with answers. Comparison of adjectives with explanations and examples. English esl comparison comparative and superlative worksheets. Comparative form the descriptive form is used to describe one noun or pronoun. My latin class is more boring than my english class.

I am taller than my brother and sister but my dad is the tallest. Complete the chart with the comparatives and superlatives. Find the comparative and superlative adjectives and write them in the boxes. List of comparative and superlative adjectives teacher. The comparative equals more, and the superlative equals most. Travelling by bus is more comfortable than travelling by train. Comparative and superlative adjectives weloveteachingenglish. Comparatives and superlatives national geographic learning. This work is licensed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial noderivatives 4. In many cases, both forms are used, although one usage will be more common than the other. Comparative and superlative adjectives worksheet l3.

Teachercreated worksheets basic english grammar 3e. Comparative and superlative adjectives test learnenglish. Normal adjective comparative superlative small smaller smallest louder dirtiest smellier tiny lightest rockier sharp deepest angry is the underlined word a normal adjective n, comparative c or superlative s. Making comparative and superlative adjectives to make the comparative form of adjectives like bigger or more expensive and the superlative form like biggest or most expensive, first we need to know how many syllables are in the adjective. Twosyllable adjectives ending in er, le, or ow take er and est to form the comparative and superlative forms. Do you know the difference between these two adjectives. Twosyllable adjective ending with er, le, or ow comparative form superlative form narrow narrower narrowest gentle gentler gentlest the roads in. The comparative and the superlative english grammar ef. New york is bigger than madrid sally is more beautiful than pat we use superlative adjectives to compare more than two people, animals or things brazil is the largest country in south america money isnt the most important thing in life form. Complete the exercises to learn about the grammar in this lesson. Remember that adjectives are placed either immediately. Comparatives and superlatives taller british council learnenglish. Comparative superlative adjectives list from a to z. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you.

For adverbs that that have the same form as adjectives, the comparative and superlative forms are like adjectives. Learn all about superlatives words like good, best, yummy and yummiest that work great at comparing three or more things. We add est to make the superlative form of many adjectives. Comparative and superlative we use comparative adjectives to compare two people, animals or things.

Comparative and superlative adjectives compare two or. Comparative and superlative adjectives test 2 this comparative and superlative adjective test checks if you can use them both correctly in english. Comparative and superlative adjectives exercises learnenglish. Put the adjectives in the correct form comparative. Give it a try and get some practice while you are at it. Put the adjectives in the correct form comparative, superlative 1. Comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs. Adjectives and adverbs that indicate an absolute or unchangeable quality should not be used with comparative and superlative constructions. There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. Comparative and superlative adjectives worksheet tpt. This worksheet focuses on identifying and knowing the difference between comparative and superlative adjectives.

Be sure to use the before superlatives and than after comparatives as needed. The six types of rules are categorized on separate sheets for easy reference. English esl comparison comparative and superlative. Comparative adjectives exercise 1 perfect english grammar. Comparatives and superlatives adjectives express usually certain quality or property long, short, new, old, acute, chronic, good, fatal.

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