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Calstrs adds ziip enabler for natural for immediate cost. Telstra and software ag transform australian water management in droughtprone australia, telstra is leveraging cumulocity iot to develop a water management solution accelerator to collect sensor data, create alerts and warn utilities of leaks. Software ag s alfabet solution positioned as a leader in latest strategic planning tools report. This is the natural systems utilities company profile. Pioneering efforts in water and wastewater reclamation, nsu is a comprehensive resource for real estate, municipal, institutional, and industrial clients in meeting their longterm resource stewardship and. Natural gas software, ldc software, gas utility software, gms, gas management software, electronic bulletin board, natural gas ebb, midstream software. Find product fixes by product family, product, product version and operating system.

Nsu has over 30 years of experience and leadership in water resource management. Use application programming interfaces apis to enable your organization to standardize the integration of internal and external systems. Winning in the highly competitive utilities market requires streamlined operations, fast reaction to market changes, quick deployment of innovative products and superior customer service while keeping operational costs low utilities crm solution provides outofthebox crm functionalities for supporting specific utilities sector operations. Develop, modernize, manage and integrate applicationsintuitively. Software ag s metertocash process intelligence solution provides utilities providers with realtime analytics and insight throughout their processes.

Learn how to fully utilize the current trends in social, mobile, cloud and big data to power your digitalization. Wizards within the eclipsebased designtime environment let you create your integration scenarios quickly and easily across the software ag product stack. Visualize the value of your it highlights how alfabet plays an important role as the planning and management frontend of software ag s digital business platform. Watch this short presentation on managing the generational change that takes place in companies using software ag s adabas as a database and natural as a programming language.

Software ag offers the worlds first digital business platform. Adabas, a contraction of adaptable database system, is a database package that was developed by software ag to run on ibm mainframes. Mass delete of records software ag wiki software ag. It was launched in 1971 as a nonrelational 3 database. Liz pratt northeast utilities senior computer analyst login to unmask email natural 3. This eclipsebased integrated development environment ide can take your natural applications to 2050 and beyond. Software ag s distributed generation monitoring solution can help. Natural utilities natural security protect against unauthorized access and improper use with natural saf security and natural security.

Software ag s metertocash process intelligence solution provides utilities providers insight into the performance of each step and transfer point in the processeven in complex heterogeneous environments. In the digital age, companies of every size in every industry are redefining their businesses with technologyand theyre achieving remarkable results. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at natural systems utilities. Recognized as a leader by the industrys top analyst firms, software ag helps you combine existing systems on premises and in the. Beyond b2b, a digital reality check is your resource where you can read, comment and contribute to thoughtprovoking discussions that will inspire you to achieve digitization.

The company is the second largest software vendor in germany, and the seventh largest in europe. Data transfer a data extraction utility that easily converts mainframe adabas files into adabas for unixlinuxwindows, flat file, or commadelimited formats. Another solution would be a primaryshadow database solution where the file is manipulated elsewhere, the database is flipped to the shadow. This is a library of freely available programs, documentation and related files for application development in a software ag, adabas natural application development environment.

Digital transformation has hit the utility sector and it is changing everything. With more than 3200 views, how much is a picture worth. See jim pooles presentation for this on the web forthcoming article in sag wiki. Sow helps companies with their digital transformation. Tsg software has a great deal of experience helping clients convert from legacy database technologies to modern rdbms platforms, including the conversion of any applications written in 4th generation languages 4gl to more contemporary languages, and the adaptation of any applications in standard programming languages to directly access the new relational database. Software ag provides no commitment to deliver any of the features described herein, and reserves the right to change its product roadmap from time to time in its sole discretion. It helps companies achieve continuous process improvement along its entire journey to become a digital enterprise. Adamagic reads adasav mainframe or adabck unix backup tapes to extract data for one or more selected files.

A short presentation on managing the generational change that takes place in companies using software ag s adabas as a database and natural as a. Current trends in social, mobile, cloud and big data to. Digital news by software ag adabas training videos from youtube german adabas training videos from youtube portuguese. Improving metertocash performance starts with improving visibility into the executed process. Treehouse software mainframe software adamagic category.

Calstrs added ziip enabler for natural, an addon product for natural, and realized immediate cost savings at the same reliable performance during its digital transformation. The software ag techcommunity is the onestop online global user community portal for software ag leading product brands. We hope you find something interesting to read, watch and share. Learn about our corporate social responsibility, how we work, our strategic partnerships, product portfolio and much more. Excellent designtime support conduct simple and quick integrations. The solution enables you to monitor and manage the flow of powerin real timethroughout your infrastructure to ensure the uninterrupted, safe delivery of power to consumers.

Digital transformation in utilities industry software ag. Software ag and telstra partner to develop water management solution for australian utilities proof of concept underway with western australias busselton water. Our solutions include an integration platform built on a powerful enterprise service bus that enables organizations to quickly connect virtually any system and. Software ag provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Founded in 1969, software ag is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries. As of 2019, adabas is marketed 4 for use on a wider range of platforms, including linux, unix, and windows. Accelerating trends in disruptive generation and battery storage technologies, new types of competitors and more demanding stakeholders are creating new operational and strategic challenges that must be understood. Software ag aris is a business process platform ideal for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity. We currently operate over 240 systems along with 160 innovativealternative title v facilities across the united states, including the largest base of reuse and natural treatment systems. Software ag is traded on the frankfurt stock exchange under the symbol sow and part of the technology index tecdax. Nsu consistently develops a better way to create value where others see waste nsu is a national leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation.

How can you attract young developers that are used to modern programming languages and development tools. Electrical utility s digital transformation with alfabet. With software ag s digital business platform, companies can better interact with their customers and bring them on new digital journeys, promote unique value propositions, and create new business opportunities. Software ag provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize systems and optimize processes for. Gallons directly reused directly reused water treated onsite and directly reused for nonpotable applications including flushwater, cooling towers, irrigation, laundry. Leverage your natural system landscape into your business processes. Reduce the learning curve for your integration team. Adabas database management system, adabas sql gateway.

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