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Sweet potato value chain analysis reveals opportunities. Broadcast or band half of the required nitrogen n before planting and then sidedress the remainder when the vines begin to run. Orangefleshed sweet potato ofsp varieties, high in betacarotene, a precursor to vitamin a in the human body, were introduced for testing at the umbeluzi. Data were collected from 180 sweet potato farmers randomly selected from keffi, kokona and karu local government areas and interviewed using. Varieties being cultivated by farmers are of unknown origin and give low yields. Its large, starchy, sweet tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable. Governments of nigeria and tanzania and national partners on an initiative called building nutritious food baskets project, which is testing a scalingup model through a multicrop food basket approach to address hidden hunger by catalyzing sustainable investments for the production. Potato can be grown from true potato seed tps, plantlets or tubers. Agricultural rebirth for improved production in nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was employed in selecting 93 swp farms in february, 2016.

Technical advice must also be provided so as to improve yields. The study was conducted within the framework of the rural farming. Remember, poorquality seed roots will not produce the quality slips needed for the establishment and production of highyielding sweet potato. Since the early 1960s, production in east and central africa has increased one.

It was also found that the demand for sweet potato, availability of improved. Promotion of the sweet potato for the food industry in nigeria. Today, sweet potato is grown in most parts of the tropical world and even in the warmer temperate regions. A multistage sampling technique was employed in selecting.

The second is crushing sweet potato to extract starch, with a extraction rate of more than 95%, modern sweet potato starch production in nigeria is more efficient than traditional one. China currently accounts for more than half of the total global sweet potato output at 70,963,630 metric tons annually. This study examined the economics of sweet potato production in kwara state of nigeria. Sweet potato production for poverty alleviation in nasarawa state, nigeria. Field or site selection soil characteristics one of the most important steps in sweet potato production is selecting the right soil based on the following characteristics. Department of crop production technology, niger delta university, bayelsa state, nigeria. The sweet potato is commonly thought to be a type of potato solanum tuberosum but does not belong to the nightshade. Sweet potato is among the world most important, versatile and under exploited food crops with global production of more than 3 million tons. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of sweet potato in subsaharan africa with annual production estimated at 3. In 2018, the amount of sweet potato exported from nigeria totaled x tonnes, going down by x% against the previous year. The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens. Most of the policies targeted root and tuber crops in general and there are no specific policies targeted at sweet potato or ofsp in particular. Currently, nigeria is the eighth largest producer of irish potatoes in africa.

It represents the first interpartner effort, post2008, aimed at producing technical guidelines that can be used by decision makers in developing countries to improve the sustainability of potato production and boost the potato subsectors contribution to social and economic development. Certified seed will produce 15 20% higher yields than standard seed. However, nigeria s taste for potatoes, especially in rapidly growing urban areas, is increasing since 2000, imports of raw and processed potatoes have. Asia is the worlds largest producer with china producing more than 80% of total world production. These increase were attributed to improved technological. Pdf gender analysis of sweetpotato production in osun.

Use of tubers is the best method for potato production. Overall, the global sweet potato consumption indicated a moderate growth from 2007 to 2015. The status of sweetpotato improvement and promotion in nigeria. Which country consumes the most sweet potato in the world. Newly launched orangefleshed sweetpotato ofsp platform. In europe, there are only four countries that produce sweet potatoes. In nigeria sweet potato is mainly grown in benue, taraba, plateau, yobe, kaduna, kano, bauchi, kebbi, sokoto, borno, adamawa, jigawa, oyo and ogun states. It is an important food security and early maturity crop that can be intercropped with some crops like yam and maize. The yield per year is about 843,000 tonnes however the potato consumption in the country is over 1 million tonnes.

Yam flour production is a pressing issue for many nigerian businessmen. The aggregate value of yam, cassava, potato and sweet potato exceeds all other african staple crops, and is much higher than the value of cereal crops cereals annually producing on average 169 million tons from 108 million ha of land. Sweet potato is produced by men, women, and children alike and is an important source of income for many families4. Nigeria is the fourth biggest producer of potato in subsaharan africa with a production yield of about 843. This study examined sweet potato swp production efficiency in nigeria. Pdf this study examined sweet potato swp production efficiency in nigeria. Pdf sweet potato production for poverty alleviation in. Lam and belongs to the morningglory family convolvulaceae and originated from latin america. Smallscale technology and practices for sweet potato growing in southeast oklahoma 1 introduction market gardeners are often caught in a technological doughnut hole. Well, sweet potatoes require warm and humid climatic conditions at least for 4 to 5 months in the year. If you are unsure about weevils in your area, contact your county extension agent or the state department of agriculture.

International journal of environment, agriculture and biotechnology. The study investigated sweet potato production for poverty alleviation in nasarawa state of nigeria. In fact, nigeria records one of the worlds lowest average potato yields, little more than 3. Reasons for the imbalance in sweet potato production among different regions and countries.

The nigerian government is currently working to attain food sufficiency. Adoption of improved sweet potato production technologies. This clearly shows that theres a shortfall in potato production. They cannot justify purchasing largescale equipment for small operations, but. The sweet potato or sweetpotato ipomoea batatas is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, convolvulaceae. China produces over 50% of the worlds sweet potatoes, while nigeria is the largest producers in africa with total output of between 1824 tons per hectare ukpabi, 2012. Planting periods in zimbabwe summer rain fed november first winterfeb april. The top six sweet potato producing nations include nigeria, with a 20 harvest estimated at 3.

How to start a lucrative mushroom farming business in nigeria the complete guide. The exact date of arrival of sweetpotato on the continent of africa is unknown. Table 6 shows the ecological zones and sweet potato growing states in nigeria. Because of an inadequate supply of good quality seeds, inadequate storage facilities, poor diseases and pest management the average yield 3. Promotion of sweetpotato for the food industry in nigeria nutrients percentage, % composition water 0. Despite the demographic pressure on land, there has been an increase in the production of sweet potato in nigeria. Development trend of sweet potato starch production in nigeria. Orangefleshed cultivars in particular have immense potential to improve household income and nutrition in subsaharan africa. Profitabilities and constraints to sweet potato production. Patterns and key issues peter t ewell regional representative for subsaharan africa, international potato center cip, po box 25171, nairobi 00603, kenya p.

The trend pattern, however, remained consistant, with. Regional representative for subsaharan africa, international potato center cip, po box 25171, nairobi 00603, kenya p. This large sweet potato market in nigeria is mainly a result of the many ways of preparing the potato for food in the country. Depending on whether it is the sweet potato or the irish potato, a mediumsized potato gives an extremely low 110 calories, contains zero amounts of cholesterol, fat, sodium, and are rich in vitamin c, potassium, iron, vitamin b6, and fibre. Sweet potato can be grown both as tropical and subtropical crop.

Sweet potato cultivation information guide asia farming. This is absolutely useful food that has a high economic value. Nigeria produce crop in the cou cassava, yam, o value for sweet. Sweet potato has gained prominence due to its ability to adapt to wide production ecologies and yield response to minimal external inputs. Analysis of sweet potato consumption in sokoto metropolis. Large scale production, however, should be done with adequate marketing strategy to avoid oversupply. Promotion of sweetpotato for the food industry in bulgarian journal of. Sweet potato originated from tropical central america.

Nigerians prefer their sweet potato in porridge, fermented drinks, and. The international potato center cip is collaborating with a consortium of cgiar research centers. Botanically sweetpotato is called ipomoea batatas l. This product is widely spread across such continents as africa, asia, latin america and india. Pdf sweet potato production for poverty alleviation in nasarawa. Smallscale technology and practices for sweet potato growing. The high production of yam in nigeria is related to area under cultivation. Efficiency of sweet potato farmers in nigeria semantic scholar. The leading european country in sweet potato production is portugal, which produced 22,901 tons in 2016, followed by spain,523 tons, italy 12,456 tons, and greece 3305 tons. Global sweet potato consumption amounted to x thousand tonnes in 2015, waning by x% against the previous year level. Despite the numerous pot ential uses and benefits of sweet potato in nigeria, the production of the c rop is belo w t he nat io ns po te ntia l. Yield in farmers plots is relatively low compared with other west african countries. However, the sweet potato value chain spvc is not welldeveloped in many producing countries. Root and tuber crops cassava, yam, potato and sweet potato.

The most common type of sweet potato found in us markets is the moist. Profitability and technical efficiency of sweet potato production in. The domestic demand for this crop tuber is very high in nigeria that it will only take the influx of new potato farmers in nigeria to meet such. Everything you ever wanted to know about sweetpotato. Pdf profitability and technical efficiency of sweet potato. Products such as starch, syrup, alcoholic drinks, beverages, carotene. Issues arising from farm input use and their corresponding implications for environment called for a study on suitable farming practices and farmspecific technical efficiency for. Economic analysis of sweet potato marketing in benue state. Promotion of sweetpotato for the food industry in nigeria. In 1999, sweet potato accounted for approximately 20% of the total world production of root and tuber crops. Thats why we are going to tell you how to start a successful production.

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